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Our Value Proposition

For accountability to work properly, all parties to the accountability relationship—oversight bodies, management, and the auditor who serves this accountability relationship—play important and interdependent roles.

Since 1980, our work—supported by the efforts of our members and stakeholders—has been designed to help these parties achieve their mutual interest in improving performance and accountability.

Inherent to our work is the belief that accountability is best served by auditors with the knowledge and skills to produce reports that make an impact, oversight bodies able to effectively discharge their responsibilities, and managers who can implement audit recommendations to improve their organization’s performance. We achieve this by supporting these parties with the resources, tools, and training they need to carry out their responsibilities, and by providing a focal point for knowledge sharing and networking to foster collaboration and discussion on issues of mutual interest.

By the Numbers

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Value Proposition Number 1


conferences, symposia and training events delivered

Value Proposition Number 1


people reached through conferences, symposia and training events