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May 8, 2020
New CAAF Publication for Public Accounts Committees and their Support Staff

How Researchers Assigned to Public Accounts Committees can Strengthen OversightCAAF is pleased to announce the launch of its newest publication How Researchers Assigned to Public Accounts Committees Can Strengthen Oversight, developed in collaboration with the Library of Parliament. It provides information to support staff and committee members that will assist them in their work of studying performance audit reports.

What's included in this publication?

  • an explanation of the roles of PAC support staff, including researchers and clerks;
  • an overview of the activities of PAC support staff within the PAC inquiry process; and
  • detailed tips and best practices on how support staff can be most effective.


CAAF would like to thank Dillan Theckedath, Visiting Research Director and Analyst assigned to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Accounts, for his significant contributions to this project. As lead author, Dillan drew on over 10 years of experience as an analyst at the Library of Parliament to share practices that contribute to effective committee work.

For more information on this project or on CAAF's oversight capacity development and resources, please contact oversight@caaf‑fcar.ca.