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Featured Audits

Each edition of Featured Audit profiles a selected performance audit from across Canada, highlighting interesting findings, techniques used, and lessons learned.


OAG Nova Scotia – Maintenance Enforcement Program – May 2018

Selecting an audit topic based on the impact on vulnerable populations

The Maintenance Enforcement Program is a free service that helps Nova Scotians make or receive court-ordered spousal and child support payments. While not very large in terms of materiality, this program is crucial in the life of thousands of Nova Scotia families and this is why it was selected for audit. Learn more about what the audit found and what lessons were learned in the process.

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Auditor General, Quebec City – Arena Management – 2016 Annual Report

This audit by the Auditor General of Quebec City looked at the City’s management of public arenas. The City has taken actions to implement the audit’s recommendations and has implemented a new governance approach to manage public arenas. Read this Featured Audit to learn more about this and other impacts this audit has had in Quebec City.

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OAG British Columbia – An Independent Audit of Grizzly Bear Management

As the most popular report on the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia’s website in the year after its release, this report generated a lot of interest from the media, stakeholders and the public. It covered a multi-faceted subject matter that required the audit team to come up with a number of strategies to address the complexity and capture the essence of the program.

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