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World-Class Training


Our world-class courses and workshops are offered year-round. Each course has been developed in consultation with leading expert advisors and individuals who represent the intended users of our training.

We offer courses and workshops for:

Performance Auditors

Members of Public Accounts / Oversight Committees

Instant Access to over 4000 Audit Reports


Each month, we scan and monitor publicly available documents from over 50 audit institutions worldwide. Second to none, our Audit News Database allows users to search over 6000 audit documents by topic, audit institution, year and more. Search results include audit objectives, audit criteria and links to audit reports, saving you precious research time!

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Leading-edge research and methodology


Our team undertakes research, develops practical guidance, and highlights good practices that will support auditors and oversight bodies to fulfill their respective responsibilities.

For auditors ...

For members of Public Accounts / Oversight Committees ...

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    RT @MassAuditor: Our audits and reports help make government work better. After our 2014 #audit, the State Office of Pharmacy Services has…

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    Meeting partners at State Audit Office of Vietnam this week with @AuditorGenAB & the Embassy of Canada, to launch o… https://t.co/fEXU4aA0C0

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    Nous rencontrons nos partenaires au Bureau de vérification d'État du Vietnam cette semaine avec @AuditorGenAB et l'… https://t.co/XHea1wQt2N

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    RT @ProvAuditorSK: Read the media releases and backgrounder for our 2018 Report - Volume 1, released this morning. Find them here > https:/…

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    @OAG_NS Congratulations!

  • 6 days ago

    RT @VGQuebec: La vérificatrice générale, Mme Guylaine Leclerc, a déposé ce matin le tome de juin 2018 de son rapport à l’Assemblée national…

  • 8 days ago

    @CAAF_FCAR @SJaudit Here's how we track #audit recommendations. Last Nov we publicly reported the status of 178 aud… https://t.co/EXvg1ZUdUs

who we are

The Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation is dedicated to advancing public sector performance audit, oversight, and accountability in Canada and abroad.

We achieve this by providing support to public sector auditors and elected officials to build capacity, share knowledge, and collaborate on issues of mutual interest. Ultimately, our aim is to foster confidence in the public sector and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government operations through improved oversight and accountability.

our members and partners

Our members play a crucial role in all aspects of the organization. Membership is open to individuals and organizations that want to contribute to our purpose and mission.