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Practice Guide to Auditing Efficiency

Information Technology Systems


Information technology systems offer solutions to public sector organizations that want to improve their efficiency. These solutions include the automation of services, electronic documentation management systems, online services, and paperless processes. By using effective IT solutions, organizations can optimize their use of resources, reduce their costs, accelerate their processes, and better serve their clients.

Knowledge of Business Questions

Potential Audit Criteria

  • What IT systems are in place that have as their objective the enhancement of efficiency?
  • Has the organization explored and assessed opportunities to use IT technologies (such as automation, online services, electronic documentation systems, and a paperless environment) to improve the efficiency of its activities and services? Has the cost-effectiveness of potential solutions been assessed? Have new IT systems been implemented? Have personnel been properly trained on these?
  • IT systems—The organization periodically assesses opportunities to use IT technologies to improve the efficiency of its activities and services.