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2012-2017 International Legislative Oversight Program (ILOP)

Our partnership with the National Audit Office of Tanzania, the country’s supreme audit institution (SAI), dates as far back as Tanzania’s first Fellowship placement in 1982–83 and intensified as of 2001–02. Under the ILOP, we aimed to help the SAI to further grow its performance audit practice, improve the quality of its audits, and increase the impact of its audit reports by strengthening relationships between the SAI and key stakeholders. The program also continued to work with Tanzania’s two parliamentary oversight committees, within the context of the October 2015 election, helping them build their capacity to review performance audit reports and support the implementation of related recommendations.

During the ILOP, the SAI hired more than 20 new performance auditors and we were directly involved in training nearly all of them. With its growing team of trained performance auditors, the SAI advanced from completing five performance audits in 2012–13 to completing ten in 2015–16. Graduate Fellows are leaders within the performance audit department and are co-facilitating regional workshops as AFROSAI-E (African Organisation of English-speaking SAIs) champions.

View the ILOP summary report for Tanzania (March 2018) for more information on the program’s activities and results in the country.

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    Training for parliamentary oversight committees

    In April 2016, we held a workshop on effective oversight committees for Tanzania’s Public Accounts Committee and Local Authorities Accounts Committee. These two oversight committees were formed in early 2016, following the October 2015 election, and many members were new to the committees and to parliament. Workshop participants learned about oversight committees’ roles, the audit process, and skills for holding effective hearings.

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    Four audits completed on the oil and gas sector

    Our 2015-2016 joint delivery of the AFROSAI-E regional three-module performance audit course had a special focus on auditing extractive industries. Tanzania’s ten participants conducted four audits, all on the oil and natural gas industries. Their audits were tabled in April 2016.


    Pictured: Participants and facilitators at the regional course held in Tanzania. Kim MacPherson, Auditor General of New Brunswick (front row, left), co-facilitated all three modules.

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    Regional performance audit course

    In 2016-2017, the SAIs of Tanzania and Kenya jointly hosted a delivery of the regional three-module performance audit course, which we facilitated with AFROSAI-E and the SAI of Sweden. Ten Tanzanian auditors participated.


    Pictured: Participants and co-facilitators at Module 3, held in Kenya in January 2017. Michael Pickup, Auditor General of Nova Scotia, co-facilitated this module.

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    Graduate Fellows lead regional performance audit courses

    Fellows were engaged to co-facilitate the performance audit training that we organized with AFROSAI-E. Elisante Mshana (2013-14) co-facilitated the course held in Tanzania in 2015-2016 and Andrew Kellei (2014-15) co-facilitated the course co-hosted by Tanzania and Kenya in 2016-2017.


    Pictured: For the 2016-2017 course, the SAIs completed Module 1 on their own. Graduate Fellows Elizabeth Augustino (2011-12) and Leonard Mabuga (2012-13) led this module for the Tanzanian participants.

Fellowships and Leaderships

Fellows (2012–17)

Mariam Chikwindo
Frank Mwalupale and Frank Nyoni
Andrew Kellei and Ndyanao Mgweno
Elisante Mshana
Leonard Mabuga
See the full list of Tanzania’s 20 Fellows (since 1982)


Sept. 2016
George Haule
Audit Topic Selection and Multi-Year Planning
Nov.-Dec. 2014
Benja Majura and Sarah Reuben
Stakeholder Relations and Communications Strategy