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Program News

Celebrating the 2012-13 Fellows' Graduation

The 2012-2013 Fellows
The 2012-13 Fellows: David Amediku (Ghana), Leonard Mabuga (Tanzania), Chau Le (Vietnam) and Freddy Ndjemba (Cameroon)

The 2012-13 international Fellows—Freddy Ndjemba from Cameroon, David Amediku from Ghana, Leonard Mabuga from Tanzania and Chau Le from Vietnam—have completed their Canadian placements and returned home. They will now begin putting into practice their new skills and knowledge in their work at the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of their countries.

Through the CCAF International Legislative Oversight Program, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Fellows spent nine months in Canada learning about auditing and accountability practices, with a focus on performance audit methodologies. They completed audit team placements at the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) of Canada, participated in a series of professional development courses, and developed high quality plans for performance audits that will be conducted in their countries.

CCAF celebrated the Fellows' achievement with a graduation ceremony on May 23, 2013. Joining us for the event were many partners and friends of the program, including representatives of CIDA, the OAG of Canada, the Auditor General's Office of the City of Ottawa, and the High Commissions of Cameroon, Ghana and Tanzania and the Embassy of Vietnam. CCAF was pleased to have this opportunity to thank these organizations for their participation and contributions to the program and to offer a special thanks to those at the OAG of Canada who mentored the Fellows. CCAF also recognized other key partners not in attendance at the graduation, particularly the provincial OAGs that welcomed Fellows for visits this year and the Fellows' SAIs.

The Fellowships

The four Fellows completed placements at the OAG of Canada, where they joined audit teams and worked alongside Canadian colleagues to learn about the OAG's performance audit practices. To complement their learning about auditing at the federal level, they visited provincial and municipal audit offices and other Canadian institutions.

The Fellows' Performance Audit Plan Topics

Freddy Ndjemba, Cameroon:
Management of Public Debt

David Amediku, Ghana:
Management of National Forest Plantation Development Program

Leonard Mabuga, Tanzania:
Management of Inspection and Surveillance at Food Processing Plants and at Ports of Entry

Chau Le, Vietnam:
Management of Sustainable Rice Production and Rice Farmland


Read more about the Fellows and their performance audit plans in the 2012-13 Fellows Biography Booklet.

Click to download.

Note: The biographies are bilingual, but the audit plan summaries are only available in English.

They also developed plans for performance audits to be conducted in their countries. Working with mentors at the OAG and CCAF, and with the support of their SAIs, the Fellows each produced an audit plan on a topic related to one of CIDA's three priority themes of increasing food security, securing the future of children and youth, and stimulating sustainable economic growth. At the graduation, each Fellow gave a short presentation on his audit plan topic, explaining why the topic is important in his country. The SAIs will carry out these performance audits within the next two years, with each of the Fellows taking a team leader role and CCAF providing mentoring where needed.

Jocelyne Therrien, Principal, Parliamentary Liaison and International Relations, and Adriel Gionet, Director, International Relations, spoke on behalf of the OAG at the graduation ceremony. In introducing the Fellows for their audit plan presentations, Adriel described the work the Fellows had undertaken at the OAG. He thanked them for their patience, kindness and willingness to adapt, and told them "The program is a success in great part because of your contributions."

Jocelyne also reflected on how hard the Fellows had worked and recognized the sacrifices they had made to be away from home for so long. She congratulated them on their achievement and conveyed the best wishes of Auditor General Michael Ferguson, who was not able to be present. Jocelyne then presented each Fellow with his graduation certificate.

Friend of the Fellows Award

The Friend of the Fellows award is presented to program partners who have, over several years, gone above and beyond to ensure that the Fellows' experience in Canada is enriching and enjoyable.

This year, CCAF and the graduating Fellows were pleased to present this award to the International Relations team at the OAG of Canada: Jocelyne Therrien, Adriel Gionet, Donna Bigelow and Meagan Russell-Laforest. Each year, this team oversees the Fellowship placements at the OAG and befriends each of the Fellows. CCAF and the Fellows were delighted to recognize the significant role the International Relations team members play in the program and commend them for their dedication to the Fellows.

The graduating Fellows and the OAG International Relations team
The graduating Fellows and the OAG of Canada International Relations team. Left to right: Adriel Gionet, Freddy Ndjemba,
David Amediku, Leonard Mabuga, Chau Le, Donna Bigelow, Meagan Russell-Laforest and Jocelyne Therrien

Ongoing Partnerships

CCAF and the 2012-13 Fellows wish to thank CIDA, the OAG of Canada and all the organizations that contributed to making this year's Fellowships a success.

With the participation of our many Canadian partners, CCAF's support to the SAIs of Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania and Vietnam will continue under this five-year program (2012-2017). This will include mentoring to the new graduate Fellows as they carry out their planned performance audits, as well as training and capacity building support for the SAIs and their related parliamentary oversight committees. In August, we will welcome six new Fellows for placements with the OAGs of Canada, Quebec and Alberta.