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Professional Development

Root Cause Analysis


Course Objectives

Are you looking to find the root causes of the issues identified during the audit, and incorporate those into your recommendations?

This course introduces hands-on tools, that, when thoughtfully applied within each phase of the audit process, enhance audit quality, and allow auditors to make recommendations that address the underlying causes of observed deficiencies.

Who Should Participate?

This course is for auditors who want to understand and use root cause analysis techniques to identify the issues that matter and write targeted recommendations that will result in effective solutions for the auditees.


This virtual course is delivered over 3 days. The course includes a mix of instructor-led content, interactive exercises, and break-out sessions.

Course Outline

Day 1 | 6 hours

  • Introduction to root cause analysis
  • Root cause analysis and the audit process
  • Main categories of possible root causes

Day 2 | 6 hours

  • Cognitive Bias
  • Root Cause and Audit Recommendations
  • Five Why’s Technique

Day 3 | 6 hours

  • Fishbone Diagram Technique
  • Pareto charts
  • Cause mapping
  • Review of key concepts

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Member: $1,129
Non-Member: $1,429

Note: Prices are per person for virtual courses only. Price for in-person courses can be provided upon request.


“Great instructors, they clearly know their stuff and have enthusiasm for the subject matter.”

“This was excellent. I liked the interaction and the group work. Of all the professional development sessions I have completed lately, this is the most relevant and useful. I think it will be very useful in the performance audits I am working on now and in the future.”

“This is a tremendous course that I will urge my colleagues to attend in future sessions. I believe we would all greatly benefit from taking this course.”


To request a dedicated offering for your office, please contact training@caaf-fcar.ca.

This course will require up to 3 hours of individual work outside course hours.

Note: Prices are per person for virtual courses only. Price for in-person courses can be provided upon request.


Course hours can be submitted for CPE or CPD credits, subject to approval by IIA, CPA Canada, or other professional associations.